High Quality White Metal Bearing

manufacturing-of-white-metal-bearingWhite metal bearing have vast application. They are commonly used as engine bearing and bearings for turbine, pump, crankshaft, alternator, etc. The white metal bearing has a basic property of reducing friction between moving part and the bearing that can provide support to crankshaft, camshaft or any other type of shaft.

White metal bearing have fatigue strength, seizure -resistance, corrosion resistance and can be used in variable temperature.

RA Power Solutions manufactures Babbitt bearings as per the drawing and requirement of the client. We have in-house facilities to manufacture white metal engine bearing, white metal turbine bearing, white metal crankshaft bearings, white metal alternator bearing and white metal bearings for all sizes of shafts ranging from 60mm to 1500mm. Rebabbitting of old bearings is also undertaken.

We use Babbitt material of high grade for rebabbitting of white metal bearing. As a white metal bearing manufacturer and supplier we ensure that the quality of Babbitt bearing is maintained.

  • Babbitt bearing under manufacturing

    Babbitt bearing under manufacturing

  • White Metal Bearing 800mm Bore

    White Metal Bearing 800mm Bore

  • White Metal Bearing

    White Metal Bearing